CPD23, or, “Going Public”

by librarydot

When I started this blog in the Spring, it was really meant just  for me. I’ll admit that I got the idea for blogging from the cheery folks at CPD23, but the idea was that the blog would become a way to keep track of all the little of bits of professional development I’ve been doing. By adding a seminar here and a library-visit there I was hoping to build up a body of entries that I could access from anywhere and would help me remember the names, dates, and purposes of the training I’d been doing. And so far, so good – with the added advantage that by taking time to consider these things afterwards I’ve had the chance to reflect on their themes and to work towards a better understanding of where I want my professional development to go.


But it seems as though the whole time I’ve been filing these blog entries in the internet equivalent of a bottom drawer, I’ve been misunderstanding the real purpose of blogging. And just for those of you who (like me) don’t know – apparently that means sharing experiences and ideas with other folk. Now I’ve gone ahead and signed up to the CPD course it’s time to run headfirst out of my comfort zone and start interacting with other people ‘pon-line.

So, wish me luck. Of course I still don’t expect the contents of this blog to be of interest to anyone other than myself, but it’s time to come out of the closet: Yes, I’m blogging. No, that doesn’t mean I’m a shameless self publicist. What it means is… well, I suppose what it really means is I’m too disorganised to carry a diary.